BETA Launcher [bugs]

Hi everyone, I just wanna know do u have this problems too with beta launcher. After i updated the launcher , first time i didnt see where can i sign up. I mean the launcher was at full screen , but i only see the pictures, but not the menu where u can type ur nickname and password. I restarted the screen , then i saw in very right side the menu , but it didnt see all screen of the patch.. I see in the right side "nickn" not nickname , "pa" not password . I mean it was like my resolution was like very high and i cant see full launcher. i tried to move it with mouse , and then the menu with sign up , dissapeared , When i am in game , in champ select the problem is the same . I dont see what enemy picks , cuz the screen of the patcher is at half. I dont have right end screen of the game. i dont see "X" button to exit from the game, i need to exit only from task manager. This is not from resolution , cuz in game it is the same as always. In champ select i preesed to edit my masteries , and then i couldnt pick champ cuz i cant exit from masteries cuz i dont see where is "X" button agayn. And for end this new launcher laggs me ... Hope u understand what i tried to tell cuz my english is not perfect..

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