Champions stop responding to commands

Hey. In my last 5 games played over a 3 day period my controls stop working randomly for a few seconds. This includes both mouse clicks and keyboard presses. I don't think its lag as I can see whats everyone else's movement and my ping doesn't change. Usually when i'm microing my champion stands still for a second as he reaches the destination of my first click but then stands still as the game tries to work out whats happening next. Or if it triggers at the wrong time my champion just walks to his destination and I cant change his direction until my controls kick back in again. I can see the green arrow on the ground that tells me where I have clicked but my character wont move the until the spike is over. Abilities wont work only to go off a second or two later. Pings wont trigger for a second or two. All of these happen randomly for a second throughout my games. Tried resetting the router, didn't fix. Getting kind of annoying. Any ideas?

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