Getting queued with higher levels on draft.

I just played normal draft (i'm level 20+) and the whole enemy team was made of players (ranked:gold or diamond) with levels between 100 and 200. So basically a level 200 team vs a team with 1 afk and 4 (level 20) noobs. What the f is wrong with the queue system? Please fix this and make queueing a lot more fun. Nobody wants to play against skilled opponents and no one wants to play with level 5 noobs in their team. Important note: everyone in my team was level 20, no one was a higher level to get queued with higher level players, if someone was premade and a higher level in our team it would make sense. Queueing should be equal and the teams shouldn't have a 10-15 level gap difference between them but what about a 100 level gap ? Fix this sh.t RITO
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