I guess this is the result when you patch the game without beta testing it first. - Huge menu delays at this very moment - It takes us like 30 minutes to create a Solo/Duo lobby and be actually able to start it - We cover 4 different lanes and the lobby says the we can't start, because we need to cover a variety of positions - We can't accept the invites, because SOMETHING WENT WRONG - We choose our lanes and they are automatically removed, then chosen again and removed and chosen again - In the friends list people are rapidly switching from "In queue" to "Creating Ranked Game" - Can't even leave the lobby properly, I remain in it even after pressing "x" - Ready check appears and then it does not appear for someone again and it says that he declined, when he is actually on Ready check Is there sense to go on and on and on? This patch has broken the game to the point where you actually need to stop all servers and perform proper maintenance.
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