Game Crashed/Stuck on "Reconnect"/"Ghost Game"/Firewall Error? Please look here!

#Update 13-05-2015: Riot TMX has [posted some further information]( regarding this ongoing issue. Hi Everyone, While this isn&#039;t a fix unfortunately, some information about this issue occurring. This is what is commonly referred to as a "ghost game". At times when there are issues, sometimes the games do not correctly report as being ended, or when a game is dropped from the server the same behaviour can occur. This can manifest as: - Being prompted to reconnect to a game that doesn&#039;t exist - Stats not being recorded for a win/loss - Ping jumping to &ldquo;500&rdquo; with an &#039;attempting to reconnect&#039; option for all players Ghost games are set to clear themselves after a maximum of two hours. The only thing you can do from your end is to keep trying every so often, after a maximum of two hours, the game will clear and you can resume play as normal. Unfortunately any stats/wins/losses from these games that are not shown in match history cannot be recovered. As mentioned, from your end there is no way to fix/resolve the issue - it&#039;s something that will clear up on it&#039;s own. > How to confirm it&#039;s a ghost game, rather than a local network/disconnect issue Have a friend attempt to spectate you more than 3 minutes after your disconnect (due to the replay delay). Does your friend get an error? If so, this is probably a ghost game - it no longer exists, so there&#039;s nothing to spectate. If, however, your friend can spectate fine and people are able to play without issue apart from you, please [create a new discussion]( to troubleshoot this issue! > My game showed <Player Name> unpaused the game! Ban this hacker! This isn't a hack, and please don't blame the player. The first person to reconnect to a game during server issues, if all 10 players drop, shows the "unpaused" message. If you wish to replicate this: - Start a custom game with only you vs bots - During the game, press alt+f4 to close the client. It'll say the game crashed with a "reconnect" button - Click reconnect When you get back into the game, it'll say you unpaused the game. Does this mean you are a hacker? It does not. This is the same thing that is happening in the live games - the player is entirely unaware their name is saying it unpaused the game, and will more than likely be just as confused as you are!

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