We are all on the cliff. A simple service status isn't enough.

Hello. I will just go straight to the point. I am sure we all have experienced crazy moments regarding this game. From buggy client to being unable to play. But when the LP points start being the problem, i think that this raises concern amongst the player base. I am willing to speak on behalf of each and every player who has not yet received their deserved LP points for a match they've won. It's scary, you know. There is so little days left until the season ends. All day long there has been only a service status not explaining much at all. Players are worried and so am i. I know that Riot is trying to fix the problem, but i don't see anything mentioning the issue with not gaining the LP, which truthfully worries me because there hasn't been a single explanation, answer or a mention of the issue. Just that the LP points do not appear. Which is not an explanation at all, and it honestly raises questions and concerns. All that we currently need is an answer to the question : **WILL WE BE GETTING OUR POINTS BACK ONCE THE ISSUE IS SOLVED?** That is all we need to know. Even something similar as this would be enough. Even if they don't know yet, a simple update would mean a lot to all the players who have experienced this. I do not ask the details of the problem, obviously. I just want to know what in the bloody hell is happening? The service status says that the LP points fail to "appear", does that mean that it's a visual bug or not? Please, anyone from the Riot staff, answer. We would greatly appreciate it. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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