Champion Mastery 6 and 7

So, I think that getting mastery level 6 and 7 requires about 1% skill for the s rank and then 99% luck. Due to the fact that you need 600 blue essence for each level or a champion permanent / champion shard, Which is pretty much the same odds. Which you can only get through the hextech box (disenchanting a champion shard). Well right now I have 3 level 7 shards for a champion, but I only have 570 blue essence. Do you guys think that it is possible to send a fanmade image to rito to get 30 blue essence instead of rp? I have already gotten a lot of key fragments, and i'm at that point where I don't recieve as much anymore. And this time I'm actually wishing for a champion shard instead of a skin shard. But I feel like i'd have to wait another month to get that. What is your opinion on the Mastery level 6 and 7? Have you gotten any yet? Thank you for reading, And I hope that your LoL playing day is magnificent. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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