Shoutout to all non-toxic players - how do you deal with it?

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. First of all (as you would notice from my level), I'm a new player. At first, I thought people were so toxic cause I was/am bad (especially compared to a smurf) and still learning the game. Now I realise that the game is full of toxicity and I should not expect this to end when I play more "professionally" or start doing ranked. I work as a civil engineer, so for many years I studied in a man-dominated environement, like it is here. Well boy* dominated. I didn't experience it myself, but I got told that many (toxic) players don't like girl-gamers for some reason. I'm okay with that though, but I think no matter what, toxic people will excist. Besides that, I'm a nice girl. I always try to help people and I have a good sense of justice and fairness. This all applies until I meet a toxic player, then I can't shut my mouth, whether it's against me or another player in my team. If I see unjust, I just get the urge to defend it and it ends up with me getting annoyed and hating the game. I can't help but put them in their place, because I feel like someone should. I don't mind for-fun trolls but when people are discustingly rude, that's when I can't take it. My logic tells me that I need to ignore and maybe just mute. **Does anyone feel the same way? How th should I ignore it? and WHY is there so much toxicity?** I understand people getting mad for losing and such - I'm competetive myself but to actually be so catty and spiteful, that I don't get. I hope you guys don't get offended and I'm not saying that I'm perfect - I let it get to me and I lose my temper so maybe I'm not that much better and I understand that it can happened but I would never tell someone to go kill themselves or be extremely cruel and basically bully someone for whatever reason. I just want help to not let it ruin my game. Any wise advice? **EDIT: OPS, wrong subject/board - any way to move it?** **EDIT II: THANK YOU so much everyone! Great replies - so glad to see so many helpful players <3**
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