[Resolved] So today I got an 85 year ban for a very stupid joke...

**I was right about the reason I was banned! Thankfully Riot are great and they'll give me my account back after i provide them with a valid name! [Thanks Jickoy!](https://gyazo.com/9db67287bdf9ec449feed64be821a9c2) ** So today whilst on my solo queue quest from plat to diamond before season end I was greeted with this - [heart stopping screen](https://gyazo.com/4fd72973c125988224dd1a59a50617a2). Ive never been chat restricted nor ranked restricted and so I came to the conclusion that my stupid...stupid joke name was the cause of this. You see last time I wanted to change my name I wanted something funny that caught peoples eye. I was surprised to find that I could use the word Rìot (with an accented i) and as such decided that "Rìot Games" would be my new summoner. Ive had this summoner for a good number of months now. Now this may sound stupid considering my name but i have NEVER impersonated a Riot employee...If people comment on my name or ask if im from Riot i will always tell them about the "ì", this actually happens in about 4/5ths of my games (you can even see it in my screen grab!) Anyway I've submitted a ticket but i thought some of you might be interested in my enormous fuck up which could have potentially cost me my 1742 hours and £200+ account, more importantly though it may stop me playing my favourite game with my friends... Soyeh If anyone from Riot sees this I'd love some advice and I hope it gave the rest of you a laugh! Michael
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