i got punished for someone else inting in my game?

alright so you know how it is nearly the end of the season so i hop on after a win so i ban my champ and pick yasuo. After seeing my champ my adc decides to ban yasuo and so ofc that's tilting . During this he says somethings to his duo sup in french. then in game first 3 min he dies with his duo. level 5 he comes into my lane with his duo and dives my enemy ahri while i was pinging him back and during this he dies. great! after this you know titlting it is he goes on about how this game was worth feeding because it pissed me off lovely! so this vayne decides to feed more with his duo sup and end result a loss ! a 1/12 vayne a 2/9 duo pyke ! and i get permabanned and punished for someone who ruined my gaming experience before the game even started then he decides to int my lane then feed through out the game and i deserve a permaban? and he runs off with his duo with no punishment? riot i thought you were fair ?
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