What's going on Riot?

------ Bug Splat. Everyone loves good ol' bug splats with the perfect timing as you're about to start a new game on Summoners Rift! Wrong, what's wrong with this feature Riot? How can I go from losing a game without bugsplats/lags to this? [](https://imgur.com/a/69qrGfI) https://imgur.com/a/69qrGfI Fine, I do get it, this game is of course not near perfect, and bug splats can and will happen here and there. But seriously, how does this happen? Almost 500MB _patch_ is being downloaded without any explanation what happened, or what's up with it's size. I am really close to Full Repairing my client **again**, because it's really obnoxious to play with these circumstances. Oh speaking of which, I got my second LeaverBuster ban! Yay! Another 20 minutes being wasted in the Queue while I wait for the game to start, pick champs, ,,start" loading, and boom crash! Honestly you should add another workaround with LeaverBuster, crashing because of the spaghetti coding and being punished for it is totally not fair. You should inform other players too, the Summoner has crashed or something. I did **not** leave the game intentionally, the game just gave up on me. That's it. I get the other side of people that probably never get bug splats, > > Uhhmmmmm aww, but you're still leaving the game and giving the 4v5 disadvantage to your team. Well guess what my fella, it's kinda **impossible** to not leave a already bug disconnected game? And I almost always try to reconnect, and I really do want to come back in the game, but they either remake, or surrender depending on how depressing the size of Bug Splat patch actually is. But judging it, it's always 400-500MB taking a whooping 20-30 minutes to patch. Another big L is the speed of download. My internet speed is not the worst one there is and it's definitely not the best either, but it's way faster than this puny 150-200 KB/s. I really think this is Riot's 2019 April Fools joke, and they've been planning it for months! Since I don't think any **major** company would let their game crash so easily, and if they did I am sure they would do everything they can to fix that bug! This is the only game that does this kinda of crashes, and almost half a gigabyte patches are just truly disappointing. Is it even worth to try queuing knowing there's a 20% chance game can crash, leading to even bigger punishments for no reason. Hopefully this small rant will make Riot think, wait maybe he has a point. Our auto-punishment system does seem to go overboard with punishments and we should try adjusting it, at least for the players that did not leave the game by their will and would love to play the game if they had the chance to reconnect! --------- **UPDATE**: So the lovely Bug Splat patch finally finished! Yay! Time to play League and win some games with friends, like we used to! Just kidding, the Patch said I have to re-log to create party? I was bit confused like why, but whatever I did. And I was welcomed by the beautiful K/DA Pop/star login screen! Hype! But wait there's more! Yes, you're right more corrupted files! Another 500MB Patch! https://imgur.com/a/OaWUcjQ So I am pretty sure this game is pointless to play by now, having it download 500MB twice at locked speed is honestly a joke. Since I am addicted I will probably patch and play later, but if it crashes again me and my friends might consider leaving the game for few weeks, until the Riot releases the patch or something. And for some reason the game is offline? I cannot even login, what's the reason. ------------ **UPDATE 2:** *around 40 minutes later* https://imgur.com/a/jS2gYLs Alright Riot Games, this is getting ridiculous. You're one of biggest game developer team, and your game is now patching in negative numbers? I knew it was a April fools! You tried tricking us, but we are too good finding obvious jokes. It's kinda worrying knowing this *negative* patch might go over 1 gigabyte? Will that take even more storage of my HDD for nothing? Right now it's at 101 negative megabytes I hope it stops soon. Also, I am really thankful to Leave-Buster's mercy. Giving me 10 minutes of undeserved punishment for 5 games instead of usual 20 minutes! ---------- **UPDATE 3:** Guess who's back? Back again! That's right, Bug Splat is here to ruin the games! I tried queuing after patching, went into ARAM, bug splatted for no reason, I just patched the game Riot please. I guess it's time for full repair, or wait for new patch with fix. Either way if the Patch repair is bigger than 600MBs I'm done with League. --------- **UPDATE 4:** This latest mini-patch that was released today really ruined my League of Legends, i might try full repair before November 12th. I guess it's time to say goodbye for good few days, or until the Pre-Season 9 starts. I would appreciate any help in the comments from Riot or from you guys. Thanks :( --------- **UPDATE 5:** Full reinstall of League of Legends did fix the bug splat as it seems. I've played 3 games so far, none of them crashed. If anyone is getting weird bugs like I did, try to uninstall, download the installer, and then reinstall the game. This method worked for me at least. -------------- If anyone can make me smarter with their League of Legends Bug Splat knowledge, I would be thankful! -P.S: **The Hextech Repair Tool** did not help me at all, that's a bummer. Full repair hopefully will. That's hopefully all for now -aww {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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