Blurry Client - Please Help!?

Hello everybody, i have a blurry client, and i really don't know why? Can somebody help. when i move my mouse over stuff in the client or write it's like a heartbeat pulse... it changes the blurriness and where it is blurry... it's not the display.. everything else is ok. other games work perfectly fine. What i already did: 1. i contacted the Support team.. currently they are busy so there is no reply... for 3 days already. 2. i have already restarted my whole pc 3. i have already restated lol client 4. i already used the build-in "initiate full repair" tool 5. i already were switching the resolutions and restarted client etc. 6. i already asked my friends Anything else i can do? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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