I don't understand this RIOT system, haven't got the mail to change username and now can't log in.

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So I was working for last 3 months and haven't been able to play league, came back home wanted to play and the client says "Your login credentials don't match an account in our system." So I thought I was hacked but apparently I wasn't because last game that was played on the account was 3months ago. So I decided to write a mail to Riot. They sent me a full list of questions like "on what date was account made", "first champion ever bought", "ip of the wifi the account was made on"... Ofc I don't remember a lot of those things because I made it 8yrs ago. In the end they said that they don't believe the account is mine and that they can only help the owner of it. So after 8yrs of playing, lvl 180+ account with all champs and skins worth 2000$ is in garbage. Is there anything I can do to help myself and bring my account back. {{champion:63}} {{summoner:14}}
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