riot support is shit and useless

I dcd from a game at the beginning cause it started an update even though it let me join a champion select and the moment when champ select ended i had a bugsplat and my league client started to repair. I went to riot ''support'' and asked them to remove the game that i ''left'' cause i couldnt do anything about it and it was not my fault and instead of actually helping me they repond me like this: Dear Summoner, I am very sorry for the situation that you have encountered. I understand that there are times when issues outside of our control may happen and we did nothing to cause them. The technical error that has prevented you form completed the game, has also made you go AFK, meaning that the game has been unfair for the team, 4 vs 5. We see wins and losses on a team basis, so even if you did nothing to cause the issue, it still led the other players to a loss. I understand that it can be frustrating for this to happen to you, so I would like to troubleshoot the issue, if it is still occurring. I am not able to modify your stats and match history, but I can help you fix the issue that caused it. Hopefully we can prevent this to happen again in the future. In order to start, please download the Hextech Repair Tool, which can diagnose and potentially resolve issues on its own. Once you’ve run the repair tool, a .zip file will be created on your desktop that includes your logs. If you don’t see an improvement after running the repair tool, attach this file to your ticket and I’ll investigate further. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards Alsentryna, Player Support "I purify this one!" and guess what? does it help me? nope, not at all so why even make such thing as riot support if you dont care about the player's problem and all you do is tell him to %%%% off and that ur unable to do anything even though you clearly are able to remove a game from a player's match history why are those people that work in riot support even get paid they literally do nothing but telling people that they cant do anything. anyway now my placements are %%%%ed up cause of riot's shitty client and as I expected they dont seem to give a shit.
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