If you have Ziggo, please dont play LoL right now (especially ranked)

Those with Ziggo experience unreasonable lag, to the point where you simply cannot move around for a long amount of time (usually resulting in a kill for the enemy team) This is not a Riot issue btw. _Hi guys,_ _We've gone through our monitoring tools and none of our systems reported any issues - we can confirm however that Ziggo had a fair amount of reconnects, which can always affect Ziggo customers as well as ISPs that using the same lines than them. DNA Oy also seems to have been affected around the same time. _ _If our systems do not report issues or if we do not notice large scale problems for a server, we generally do not have a Service Status update available - there are some occasions where we might have one, if a very large carrier with dozens of ISPs served is experiencing issues and we pick it up on our radar. There are hundreds of ISPs out there, each of them potentially with their own issues and connectivity hiccups every hour of the day, and what's more, each of them having ties with another ISP through shared data-carriage, partners, peerings, etc... This makes it extremely complicated to foresee and properly warn players in a targeted manner._ _Anyways, sorry you guys had a negative experience, and I hope this helps out reassuring you that it is not because we do not wish to rightfully inform you._ ~ Riot Edit: apparently its been resolved? I haven't checked it myself yet though. Edit 2: nah not really sadly :( I still experience unreasonable lags. Edit 3: I still experience lag, but I no longer 'freeze'. I just cant move that well, and moving around takes too much time.
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