Bannings for programs

A bunch of people are being banned lately for using stupid programs, some of them are ones im using , EG, someone got banned for using LSI, a legal program that I use. I do't have that much on my PC - I wipe it a lot because for some reason I always get boot issues. I currently only have games and apps like Skype, ts3 etc on my computer, and a few things like LSI, some video editors and 3 or 4 replay veiwers. With the massive banwave I'm currently being concerned that my very very valuble account , all champs, all pax skins, etc, is going to be banned for nothing. I saw this guy post saying he got banned for using LSI, and a riot employee just shrugged it off and said " eh, it's something else then " and boom , left at that, in his ticket I can nearly be certain he won't be unbanned. How accurate is the system? I NEVER have used scripts , modified my client or used any illegal programs, but im getting concerned things like my LSI will get picked up as illegal, maybe macros on my keyboard software ( steelseries engine ) will get picked up as modifying, an app I have for my desktop background might get picked up, I'm just paranoid that something completely legitimate will get picked up. I am pretty sure ALOT of the people getting banned right now are banned for doing nothing - I've very rarely experienced scipters in my games so why is there all of a sudden 50,00,00,0,000 " Scripters " on the forums ?

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