Help at recovering an account

So, here's what happened, a friend of mine, being new to the game and having no idea of the amount of scammers and hackers that exist online, clicked a link that said that he would get a Yasuo skin plus some RPs for free, obviously it was a clear scam, but he didn't noticed so he inserted his info (user + pass) on the link. One day later his account was gone. Easy way to recover the account yeah, but the problem is that he doesn't remember his email, making it hard for us, friends, to help him. Gladly, the scammer entered his account and replied to me. - mi14 is the scammed account He said the he would give us the account back if we gave him 10 euros, of course, that is just another scam. He threatened us, saying that he would transfer the account to NA if we did any sort of report. So, with nothing to lose, we came to the forums in search for help. I'd like to ask, kindly, for any Riot member to do anything about this situation, even if it's some sort of ban or whatever, to give us more time to try to recover the account. Anyway, thanks for your time and hope you have a wonderful day.
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