Log in problem

So, after a year of playing league on mac, i switched to windows 10 (keep in mind that I never touched a W10 device before). Finding the screen wider, and that it affects my gameplay, and decided to make it less wide (mac's resolution), there the problem began, the screen froze and all I see is a black screen, I tried the Ctrl Alt Delete, then tried to click on task management. but nothing appeared, even the desktop won't appear, everything is black. The Tab Alt doesn't work either. When I force the PC to shut down and then log in the game, the client automatically connects me to the game and here we go again. Also tried the full repair system, without success. Is there any way to reset in-game settings without logging in the game ? Also, how do we close the window of the game without freezing everything (because I tend to change music or type something in discord when in death time i.e) ?
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