[Upcomimg Skins] Can someone clear out some things

So I saw new skins GIF on LoL Facebook page and I listed trough the comments and figured out that new skins are Annie's, Morg's and for God sake Teemo's.~~ First is first why is Annie getting 3rd skin this year and it is her 11th skin in total plus she already has Halloween skin ( Franken Tibber Annie), so why does she deservse another one. ~~ Second off all Demon Teemo even name sounds ironic;If someone said me month ago that Demon Teemo is coming out I would have thought that that someone is drunk, like really Demon Teemo.And btw this is his 10th skin ( plus the Classic one). Nice joke Riot but its not april fools yet. And after all it is nice idea but I only want to know one thing, how does Riot decide what skins for which Champs are going to be made. Thanks! PS:{{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}{{champion:17}}
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