Anyone getting a disconnection bug in champ select or not accepting a match after clicking accept?

Had it twice now. Gets to declare your champ then once the counter hits 0 everything just freezes. The timer stays at 0, if I try click a champ to select it says there was an error selecting my champ. So I'm just kinda stuck, glitched out on that screen. Then I close and open the launcher and I have a queue dodge ban. There was nothing wrong with my internet, because it was the first thing I did my loading a youtube video. I have the video of me clicking champs and it giving me an error, then me logging in to a queue ban. Has anyone else had this? I just don't want to end up getting worse punishments for a bug... I also commonly get a similar bug with accepting matches. I'm in the queue, get the pop up to accept, click accept and it greys out showing I accepted. Timer runs down but the thing stays popped up. A few seconds later I'm back out of the queue with a message saying I failed to accept. Like wtf. Again it can't be my internet as I can join the queue again straight away after that one.
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