Question about "strange games"

"Strange games" I mean like you can not play your match not because of your internet or computer itself.I had some strange games this month.One of them was like every player in the team I was(including myslef) had lag after lag and the other team didn't had(that was a rankend game) -imposible to farm,kills or make plays(the thing that bother my the most is that "loss prevent" .... nop).One other match(no rankend) was like 50-50% for win but min 20 I see surender from the oposite team and ok is somthing normal to see time to time but just 1 vote for surrender....One more match was like imposible to conect.Started the match I played supp and min 15 my computer got "sleepy" and I reconected 3 times to the game.Waster 20-25 min just to reconect,once I reconected I was forced to exit again because "I stayed to much in base".Curious if other players had some games like this and I am interested more in the first one if you have any thoughts because it was "fishy".{{summoner:11}}
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