An important question regarding bonus RP upon purchase

I found that we're getting bonus RP for buying RP until March 5th. I've already stocked up on RP during this deal, but I feel like I need one more purchase to make sure I won't ever need RP again after the purchase. But my issue is... I'm unable to buy it today, and March 5th isn't an accurate enough date. Can I still buy RP tomorrow or not? Is it March 5th 12:00am, is it March 5th 2pm, or is it March 5th 12:59pm? I'll get home tomorrow after 5pm. I couldn't find a more accurate date anywhere, and possibly only getting 4800RP instead of 6100RP is a big deal. Please can anyone link any source or someone from Riot answer this question? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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