game runs but i cant move

I have this for years now, some days are terrible, some days it dont happens. I have done topics and searched for support but nothing more than cliche answers. Ive seen other people complain about this issue. What happens is as follow- game runs as usual, character moves and all, i can read chat, but i cant move my champion. It either will "unstuck" at some point, or ill get a disconnect message. It happens only in certain games, for example i play 2 games and i have no problem, the next game this happens and keep happening for this game, one game later i have no issues whatsoever. During the period this problem occurs my internet works as normal, pages are loading, ping to lol main site is ok. I play(ed) numerous other internet games and servers and never had or have something similar. I still do play activly 2 mmorpgs and i never had a situation when i have a streak of dc's delays and whatnot, i actualyl barely get any dc's thats related to my net. Im looking for an answer tho i know i wont get one thats gonna solve my issue or atleast name it. I have tried many things, like restarting router, restarting game, pc, repair game and whatnot, nothing has even the slightest sign of success. What it does look to me, altho im not an expert, is i receive data, but the servers wont take my requests and commands. As i said it does happens only in certain games, so i take it, if lol is using several servers, there is one or more of those servers which have problems receive my data in random interval of times.
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