Bug Splat at 0 Lp means automatically Demote

I am using the new client, i dont think if this has to do with the bug splat. So I was going to play a ranked game. Get in champion select, banned champions , selected champions and game started. All ok. The loading screen was ok too. But suddently a "wild" bug splat appeared. I was like "oh well, i will reconnect" (like on the old client), but there is a problem : the new client automatically started repairing, and it took some time. I imagine that the other players were in game, saw that i did not connect so they voted for remake (/remake). So I assume that when the vote was finnaly over and the game stopped (remake), while my client was still repairing , i got an update that you can see in the picture i am ataching, that i was demoted. [BugSplatAt0LpMeansAutomaticallyBeingDemoted](http://puu.sh/twI9i/e1178414ab.jpg) This is not ok. I had this type of bug splat on the old client too (i dont know the cause, it happends rarely so they dont bother me), but on the old client the repairing didn't started automatically. On the old Client you could try to reconnect to the game and if you did not succed then you would have to choose to do the repair. With all this updates and because of the /remake vote this type of "automatically repairing" is a wrong thing because the game automatically forces you to do the repairs and is stoping you from reconnecting to the game and ultimately forces you to lose a game because of the /remake vote.
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