High ping causing game lag

Since a few days ago, after I had applied patches (updates) to my League of legends game, my ping was around 200-300 (Normal ping is 120-170). This increase in ping has caused a lot of lags to me in-game and I couldn't play as well as I could before. I tried everything; using google DNS (,, turning off the firewall, flushing DNS (ipconfig /flushdns on command prompt), resetting the whole game settings to their defaults, restarting my modem. Is there any thing left I should try? Also I'd like to add that when I get into a crowded area (with a lot of players and minions) my ping increases as well as the lag. How can I fix this issue and have my usual gameplay (with low ping and no lags) again? I hope I will not waste most of your time helping me!
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