Hello Summoners! Im reaching out to you people, so that maybe a Rioter sees this post. As of 25th May, there is an option to review all your league account's data. I emailed the support team asking for it. After about a month and a half, they give the case to a real person, instead of Blitzcrank bot. It seems like me asking for my data triggered their system to "lock" my account because of suspicious activity on it. Back in 2016, I had the account stolen twice, because of my own stupidity, and carelessness, which lead to me having to text the support team twice, one after another. For riot to give the pack of data, they have to look through my account, and this incident may have seemed fishy for the system. Now, they have asked me for informations, regarding my account, which I gave to them and they told me its not enough to prove that Im the original owner and creator of the account. The interesting fact is that when my account was stolen in 2016, I gave them the same infos and they recovered it for me, both times! I have all champions on the account, over 250 skins and lots of effort put into it. If a Riot employee, or a board member sees this, please, help me!
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