Support tickets?

So normally if I had a question or issue I could go to the support page and submit a ticket, today I've tried to do it but even when logged in it tells me "You must be logged in before you can submit this type of ticket.", but with any ticket. Then there is a login button below but upon clicking it nothing happens. So is it because the support ticket page is under maintance or has it's use been cast away? Also I guess I'll ask my question here then, I remember in the past riot would on occasion help certain players if they lacked a very small amount of RP, I got some on my birthday and I'm 5 RP short from buying the things I'd like, a gift for someone and 2 skin in the future, one I know will go on sale and one that comes out soon. So the question is if they still do that or if it's also not a thing anymore. Either way thx for your time and have a nice day. EDIT: Fixed thanks to the help in the comments :3
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