How do I deal with trolls and instalockers?

Admit it, there is _no way_ that you haven't played with a troll. I bet almost everyone has, but **_how do i deal with them?_** > TL;DR: A {{champion:17}} instalocked top and fed {{champion:27}} at the point where no one could kill him. We lost that game. I reported {{champion:17}}, but there were still a lot of trolls in other games. At one point my friends didn't even want to play with me because of all the trolls. > It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to play some games after school. So I hop in a match, call out my lane but a {{champion:17}} decides it is a good idea to call top after it was called, and locks {{champion:17}} instantly after calling. Dodging was an option, but I didn't want to get a _LeaverBuster_ because of a troll. So I go support {{champion:16}} . {{champion:17}} laned against a {{champion:27}}. {{champion:17}} goes **_1/3/0_** and I was 0/1/5. I didn't think it was **_that bad_**, because I thought 3 people could go top lane and kill him. **_Wrong!_** Everyone died except the {{champion:17}}, who was invisible and was next to the fight. Everyone dies, and {{champion:17}} decides to chase {{champion:27}} _(For your information, it is not a good idea to chase a {{champion:27}}) _ At this point {{champion:27}} is **_7/1/2_**. The first thought that came to my head is that the game is **_unwinnable_**, and that's what happened. **_We lost._** After all it was obvious we were gonna lose at that point in the game. So I reported {{champion:17}} and hoped that he will get punished for what he did. And since then I've met so many trolls and instalockers _**(I dont mean that I always blame others when I make mistakes)**_ in games, that my friends _didn't even want to play with me._ At that point I didn't know what to do, because _SoloQ for me wasn't fun anymore._ > I just want to ask how do _**you** deal with trolls?_ I want to hear your suggestions on how to deal with this problem _once and for all._
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