Friend with tourette syndrome curses without control. Gets permabanned 15 times.

Hello Im an old player who currently plays lol in LAS and NA server and I have the following problen: I have a friend from childhood who lives europe who has a psychiatric problem which makes him curse all the time. He is a pretty good player ( he reached diamond ) but the levels of toxicity of his comments specially against spanish people are far from acceptable. He's been permabanned 15 times in EUW for the very same reasons. He will never accept in public that his ill but his very depressed of being permabanned all the time. I have lend him some accounts and they always get permabanned. The last account I shared with him ended the same way and he's considering leaving the game. I want to know if there's a way to find a solution to this problem. Have nice day, cheers. P.S: I know it seems weird, but he's been my friend since childhood and I know he's got potential to be a professional player but this problem is putting him down not only in the game but in life itself.
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