[Resolved] Hotkeys bug [Trying to fix it 2 days now] Please help me someone ;(

Are anyone here who know why i have EUW and EUNE key settings difference. I mean in EUW my left klick not working ( i cant do anything with it) + i cant zoom. If i go EUNE than all is normal and i can use my left klick for seeing turret/champion stats, open shop etc. I also can zoom. Why one region my hotkeys work but another dont. Plz help me fix it? I have now 2 days tryng fix it and can`t - i so much want play league ;( What i have done? 1. One time deinstall LoL and back 2. Two times repair my client 3. A lot of times deleted my input fails and json fails. 4. A lot of time changed input fails This all thins i have done but still i have one server one settings and another settings other settings. How it come? Baisiclly i playd 2 days ago with normally in euw server all was fine. Yesterday i just come home and also was going to play euw server but settings randomly change (randomlly my left klick attacking was working) so i didnt like it and i was pretty much also wtf? why i randomly have left klick attack if i yesterday playd with right klick attack ( NO I DIDNT CHANGE NOTHING BEFORE ). So after this i just restore my settings in game and after this my left klick dont doing nothing and i cant zoom in and out. If i go eune server than all work prefeclly Please help me to fix it ;( I also can give my teamviwer
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