Dear Riot : Is there any chance where I can get my account back ? Or unbanned ?

Dear Riot employees , after playing League Of Legends since Season 3 , a lot of years , a lot of hours , today seems like I had enough and Riot decided to ban my account permanently...And I ask myself : Is this fair me to get people inting in my Ranked games ? Is this fair that people in Rankeds to laugh at me because we're losing ? I'm toxic , yes , I have bad days too , I get trolls/feeders in Rankeds, but League of Legends...Is there any chance me to get my account unbanned or to get it back ? Answer me please...Since today 20-2-2017 , I've been Permanently Banned...I just want to know if I should UNINSTALL League after paying @200€ in Skins , or I can SHOW to EVERYONE , that I'm not going to FLAME NEVER EVER...Riot , do what you want , but do it right. -Undeadfool
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