Question for Riot Engineers/Programmers regarding game logs

Hi! I am sure Riot Engineers or programmers visit this forum sometimes, I have got a tricky question for you I am sure Support won't be able to handle. Me and my friend decided to make a telegram bot to notify me in Telegram when game actually starts, so I can always come in time since I am used to smoke during loading screen. The bot is tied to game logs: it should notify me when line **FLOW| Switching Game State from GAMESTATE_PREGAME to GAMESTATE_SPAWN for reason Received StartSpawn packet.** appears in a "r3d" log in "GameLogs" folder. On my friends' PC it works properly, on my PC it is not, since the log just stops writing at some point on my PC and continues after unidentified amount of time. The question is, is it possible to normalize log writing on my PC or maybe you can give a pro tip, what else in the game folder can be used as a metric to know if the game has started? Thanks in advance.
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