Do you want a UK server?

Firstly, sorry for posting this in Technical Support. I am only able to post in either here or New Player Advice. Now, I recognize Germany is probably the perfect place to put the servers for EUW. It's right in the middle and is fair for everyone. With that said there are just too many languages spoken in EUW and cultures clash a lot. It's dumb but 50% of the time I say np or wp I have to explain what that abbreviation means to players of another language. I as a British player would want a UK server, I think it would not only be good for us but for the rest of EUW. There are a lot of French and German players that have to speak mostly English to communicate, a UK server would give them a better chance of having teammates that speak their language. There are many individual countries that have their own server, and I personally would prefer the UK to be seperate from EUW. I understand there is nothing stopping people from other countries from using the UK server unless they require an NIS to signup. With that said I still believe a UK server would easily surpass the Russian server's playerbase in possibly the first year. I know people are afraid that ranked won't mean as much on a UK server because there won't be as many players, but honestly that isn't the point of British players wanting a UK server. For the size and population of the country we make up a decent size of the playerbase and put a lot more money into the game than other countries. We also want better ping of course, granted it won't be a huge difference. I get 30 in EUW, I'm guessing that will drop to 20-25 with the same internet. Lastly, I have added 4 options in the poll. Please be honest in the polls. If you vote no, please explain why. Do you not want the British players to leave or do you have another reason.

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