I wanted to open discussion for the mighty europe titan . Fnatic are looking so f*cking strong . Next week , they are going to face both H2K and Origen , another test for their strenght . I really think that this is the third time team , which isnt from Asia , have chances for world title . The previous two times were Moscow 5 and the previous Fnatic , both reached semi-finals . U cant argue , when America has strong enough team for the Worlds > TSM ?!! Really ? TSM is TSM , public favourites , so what > do u remember MSI ? They arent from the need level yet . SO , lets back to Fnatic . The giants of the east , on MSI they shown all they got , throw too many games vs SKT T1 and showing awesome performance . Yes , there is still thing to work on , but till Worlds , I think they will be prepared . Lets hope I am right ! Arent u annoyed of China , Korea , Thailand dominace ? I AM REALLY ! I will be happy , if u post your opinion in the comments below !
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