This needs to end now

I am tired of this...I am just going to give an example and a solution.I just finished a game(1 for all)2 players wanted to play akali,heimer got picked.When the game started they run it down mid flash in the tower and bm.As the game went on they kept feeding and feeding + trolling to the point when they ask the enemies to dance in baron pit,run it down the lanes and feed...The game was 3vs5.I asked the enemy team to report them for feeding and trolling and they were refusing it..They said it was too much fun playing...It was a very bad experience for me and the other 2 people.I am sure there are a lot of incidents of people feeding and trolling without getting punished for it...So i suggest a solution.What if u typed a command in chat and a free Rioter had time to check the game(spectate) and see what is wrong,people potentialy feeding and trolling.If they found something that is wrong with the rules,they do something about it,if the players are just trolling and trying to get Riot's attention,u give them i big punishment.If a misanderstatment happen, they have an opportunity to appeal the punishment.Take this as a consideration at least.Thank you for your time,very much appreciated and i hope this end soon if possible Dear, random guy who doesn't know good english !
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