Lost access to my account.

I lost access to my account 2 hours after last login, Riot Games Support employees refuse to provide access to it in spite of the fact that I provided most of the informations they asked me to including bank statements. On 14.10.2017 I changed account e-mail to my one because I was using LoL account which was created long ago (approx. 2014) by my older brother since I was too young to be able to create it on my own. On 18.02.2019 I logged in at 11:00 CET on my account and after 3 hours I couldn't log in, I tried to use "forgot password" option but without any result (I do not receive any e-mail from Riot). I tried to contact Riot Games through live chat and was redirected to a ticket where they asked about account few specific questions: [Riot's Answer](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/347513641735684107/547469893994414100/unknown.png). I and my brother weren't able to answer some of those questions but Riot's support proceeded anyway. Due to the fact that I said in this ticket that the account was not created by me so I was given some extra questions: [Extra questions](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/347513641735684107/547469935685795840/unknown.png). I have provided them all things I was asked including some of the RP transactions and included them bank statements confirming purchases of Riot Points on my account. Riot then claimed that all the info I has provided is not sufficient and refused to provide him access to my lost account. I don't know if it's good place to post, but I ran out of ideas, I really wants to get my account back. Something worth mentioning is a fact that Im not on any friend list, I have left all the clubs and it looks like my account was hacked however there was no possiblity that somebody accessed his e-mail due to 2-step verification. Has anyone any idea what is he supposed to do? Riot doesn't want to cooperate and I really have no ideas what to do.
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