Banned for 20 mins because of lag

I never play unless I'm sure my internet connection is stable, so I don't get lag and make me and my team uncomfortable. Last game i checked before playing and my download speed was 350 kbps, so I played. The game started pretty laggy shooting from 80 ms to 4k in 3 secs, and at mid game it became impossible to play so I recalled until I figure things out. I informed my team mates several times that I am not able to play and that I'm leaving lane, and even then a team mate told them to report me for being afk, but that's not my point. I tried as best as i can to fix my internet instability, but everything else was going just fine. I had no downloads on and I was the only device connected to the internet. I literally could not move because the game just stopped, but at the last 5 mins It was a little bearable so i helped a little. So after this traumatic experience, I'm surprised to get A 20 MINS BAN just for the lag. I did everything i could and this is absolutely not fair. I wasnt even afk, i moved around a lot trying to help but i end up getting banned?????
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