I am permanently banned, NO REASON!

i was talking with someone about school and i got banned nice riot 3 premades reported me for "being toxic" okay look my chat is was going about school pls ban the right people. ThanksGame 1 tnerb3002: wut xD tnerb3002: gl hf. tnerb3002: ty tnerb3002: what can i do tnerb3002: can't run thoug walls tnerb3002: haha lol3 tnerb3002: ofc tnerb3002: he was die ? tnerb3002: you are mid tnerb3002: you help tnerb3002: yh tnerb3002: lol tnerb3002: kid tnerb3002: cool tnerb3002: wp tnerb3002: dude tnerb3002: i was gone tnerb3002: why you jump in tnerb3002: you cuz xin was there tnerb3002: smart ass tnerb3002: yeah tnerb3002: lel the premades tnerb3002: muted stupid fks tnerb3002: haha noobs tnerb3002: hmm this team is so gud tnerb3002: wp tnerb3002: first learn english and talk then idiot tnerb3002: naut just said why are you spoking xD hahahahah tnerb3002: yh pls tnerb3002: yh tnerb3002: they are perma flaming tnerb3002: those kids tnerb3002: omg he is so good tnerb3002: pls honor tnerb3002: no tnerb3002: hes a legend tnerb3002: true tnerb3002: ingame but not irl tnerb3002: still going to school or not ? tnerb3002: me too tnerb3002: what do you do tnerb3002: me too tnerb3002: were ru from ? tnerb3002: ah tnerb3002: im from belgique tnerb3002: say it in french tnerb3002: im doing chemistry

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