Do Not Accept Random Friends (Pls dont make this mistake)

hello Summoners Recently when i login i get an Notification of a random name who wants too add me i accepted 1 by a mistake who posted 1 sec after i accepted him link of a web site who (said on the website) will elo boost you it looks like a real good website where you can leave your account name and password. Also another friend accepted 1 of those who looked the same as the normal league of legends web site but when he tried to login there was a error he told me. After i noticed that i immediately warned him that they now got his password so he changed it immediately. so i hope riot can look too solve this problem because i dont know for sure, but this might happen to alot of people My thought is that there are failures in the account creation system or something like that a tip is check the guy who adds you is he lvl 1 it is probably a bot or some kind of So PLS WARN YOUR FRIENDS( DO NOT ACCEPT RANDOM FRIENDS ) always check them on another account of me i got some invites i just gonna accept them and see if they will send me some links rioshould make a report friend system or something like that ( if it already exists pls tell me) so they can bn these account who sends fake links yes i know u can block them but still then they can continue on other people
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