i was playing a game as blitzcrank and everything went well... i think i would even get S rank after the game cuz of my amazing hooks and plays.... but then i got disconected and could not get reconected again... so restarted my router *that usually fixes the problem. but when i was on the login screen i COULD NOT GET IN. it said there was a problem and i should go contact the support team for information... so i tried this for so many times to get back to the game to skip the penalty for leaving .... but i STILL COULD NOT.... after reintalling the whole shit and everything i finally got in the game and i see now that i got a 20 min penalty for 5 games now.... NOW SINCE THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT icontacted you to fix it in a way couse i find it very annoying that i got that beacuse you cant even code properly ..... i'm so tilted.
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