laptop screen problem

Just came home from my pal's home. When i brought out my laptop i noticed 4 small cracks on my down left side screen. At first moment i got a panic attack. But then realized that the cracks doenst really bother me and that i can play with it. But when i turn on the pc the screen was a littlebit messed up. I could still see everything no black parts etc. I could also move the mouse cursor and click, but i noticed that the screen was "clicking" all over the the screen. To describe it better it was like you know when you got a laptop with touch screen and u click on an area on the screen it comes up these small 'balls' of where you click and then the cursor moves there and it continue to clicks on many parts of the screen on the same time. Then when i started lol to see if i could still play games on my computer i couldnt press the launch button because the injury was zooming in and out making the launch button impossible to press at. Plz help me i would really appreciate it! Btw have an asus laptop with touch screen and windows 8 if thats help. Ty!
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