You guys need to fix your sh*t

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Here you can gaze in to the glorious client bugging me out of a Plat IV series. Spoiler alert: i'm not plat yet. You see...I would really like to make a rant out of this idiotic client but Riot doesn't care at all it seems. It got worse and worse with time and I don't think they will fix it anytime soon. I also won't connect their support regarding this matter because all they really do is to blame it on my ISP which is kind of bullshit given the fact that this game is notorious for being bugged to EA level standards. Do what you want with it, imma still play the game and try to reach higher ranks purely out of boredom because at this point this game is just a time killer for me with all those technical issues. (imagine staying +20 mins to finally start another game, since my team didn't want to surr) Also I'm pretty sure that no one will check this post so for all Rioters and Barons or whatever the fk title you have as a mod on this forum you can stick it :) I have never seen a discussion that really helped someone in Technical Support and all my posts were ignored or just died really fast until now. Here my specs: -i3 3320 @ 3.30 GHz -8GB RAM DDR3 @ 1600 MHz -GPU 1050 from Inno3D single fan, compact. -Storage: SSD+HDD @ 7200RPM(game is stored on HDD) -Ethernet: 1Gbit , usually goes for around 500-600 mbits on busy network -Winver: 1809, build 17763.475 League client: Cheers,

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