Can't launch the game with any client and any option to do so

I tried using BOTH legacy and new client doing it the normal way and as administrator, but neither work. All the both clients do Is busplat everytime I try launching them.. I can't do a "launch full repair" thing either because It just simply doesn't let me go for It because I can't make It past the icon that appears while launching client without bugsplatting right after. What should I do? It annoys me and I wanted to get some points in Slumber Party to at least get myself a free chest+key --- EDIT: [I just got able to log in on new client BEFORE It bugsplatted few times in a row, and I noticed that It always bugsplats on THIS ONE file]( that I can't even check or anything because I can't really find It because of how much It shows. I can't launch the whole "full repair" thing because It just turns off the client and nothing appears after that.
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