im literally angry >w< ûwû

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ok so here's the TEA. this morning i was playing a league of legends game, and suddenly, and OUT OF NOWHERE my MS jumps to 3K, i was like ... uhm? what the frick? is this ok? and then it just, started lagging non stop like, 500 ping fix, i left the game and i was trying to reconnect again, lmao u guessed it, i couldn't reconnect, there wasnt event a reconnect button, the screenshot was like in the screenshot, i closed the client and opened it again trying to reconnect, i got that critical error occured message, couldn't reconnect and had to wait for the game to end, then when i wanted to play again, i %%%% that it wo%%%%be smart to check my ping before starting the game, i tried to create a custom game, and for some reason u guys decided to make it with a minimum number of 10, SIS I DONT EVEN HAVE 10 friends, i was like uhm, what should i do now? i am not ready to play another game and experience all the trauma again.... i was like *thinking intensifies* and then i saw that tutorial thing, i was like HA, I GOT IT ! i was like ill get into a tutorial game and then leave or anything, when i got i wasnt lagigng (or i thought) i was like haha gotcha rito, imma play now, i left the game AND LMFAO GUESS WHAT, i was stuck there, my friends sees that i am in game, and i cant reconnect, i literally cant get into the game to finish it i had to wait for like 15 minutes then i was free, rito yall better fix your game before i start crying SMH and i oop-
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