Low priority 20 minute leaver buster bugged???

I left an aram game to go out with my parents, which was full of bots anyway! you can find my game on lol.gg i played Evelyn, the rest legit where bots, i've just queued up for 20 minutes and played a game an now i have to wait another 20 minutes before i can join another game? can i seriously believe what i am seeing? people leave in ranked games and i see them in another 2 seconds later and im being punished for leaving an aram game full of bots? this has to be a bug surely??? i didn't even get 5/10/15 mins, straight 20 minute queue time, if it happens a 3rd time then it has to be a bug that's ridiculous! please can a MOD or technician review my account. ty.
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