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Okay, so just so RITO employees know that on 1/18/2017 around 1:00 PM their servers just %%%%ed up, everyone had ping around 150 or more and that is the reason i lost the game, couldn't move or do anything as i wished with a %%%%ing 3 seconds delay, okay so why the %%%% am i playing and paying for this game? i bought like 100 euros worth of RP to make my game enjoyable, and when i get into the game i get frustrated and lose cause there is nothing i can do, i first taught it was my internet so i went and turned router back off and on, turned WI-FI on my phones, no nothing, still 184 ping, than other players started linking their pings as well and no one had a decent ping. On top of that, i lost the game, cause my 2 team mates went full DC and i will probably get demoted because 1.1$ billion company can't make their server works properly... i tend to swear a lot when i get frustrated, fix ur shit rito... cheers!
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