Free For All Map

The pic maybe go bad so i can't do nothing but is a big map with 5 bases, each base have a sheald that block vision from inside to outside and the reverse so player don't know where is in the map. The desing is simple is jungle and in the jungle apear random buffs (Damage,Ability,Mana regen, heath regen and movement speed) or if you want jungle monster not staying in one place so the move if u go close to them in one special range they will attack. This is great but i think is hard to preform this map because of the support champion, support champion can help they enemys or can make pack ( Gaurd Posion = a item allowing to make a enemy your allie if a 5 minites) yeah it will be a cheat item but you must use it when your enemy is not attacking you for 3 seconds. If you can make the map realy big because the player don't find each other fast. Thank you for your time. D.P. P.s. if anyone like this idea please comment with a like and if you have more ideas please share it.

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