When is team builder coming back?

Team builder has been gone for a little while now and without a word about it?... Any news? Edit: I'm talking about the old system of Team Builder, not the new one. This Dynamic Queue simply does not work and is entirely unlike the old one. My first experience of which went: First 2 games got dodged because someone didn't like the "troll pick". Couple more got dodged because they didn't get their lane. Add the dodge because their champion got banned and then by the end of it, i too ended up with my secondary lane with a champion i didn't want to play because it got banned too. This is just a glorified blind pick where instead of people fighting for lanes, they just dodge more often. TLDR; i want to be able to pick my champion, Team-mates and lane like before. When is that option coming back Edit#2: No, forget it. It's not working. It's taken 15 minutes to get a game started. Everyone dodges. This is beyond silly

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