Dominion and its balance

Riot. Do you even care about any mode that doesnt give you millions of money through sponsors and shit? The main reasons the other modes are forsaken is the shitty balance they suffer. Aram is 70% decided on the champions you get RANDOMLY. And in dominion there are champions who are just too strong. Dominion is not rift. You've got nowhere to run and play defensive. Champions like Darius, Fiora or Riven are a f***ing hemorroid if they get a couple of kills on early. Because it's not only about the gold, but about THE EXPERIENCE. In dominion, like in aram you get few experience through the map and the kills are what give you the extra avantadge. How many times have you seen (if you ever pay attention to this mode...) enemies at level 6 while you are barely 5 and you cannot fight them? Only after a bad fight...usually you can just come back. It is not that hard. But against champions like the mentioned before make this just unplayable. Basically because somebody like darius only needs black cleaver and spirit visage to become an unkillable piece of shit that deals more damage than any carry once he gets his passive. How to avoid that? You cannot escape. Going back on dominion means giving away one point. Basically letting your nexus get drained. Does Riot balance team ever work? I mean it.
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