Okay so i finally have to write something in the boards i'm so tilted and fed up by this system. Since 20 games or something i'm just sitting between 0-50 LP up and down. Win/lose/win/win/lose/lose and i look up my games every match and i have to say this new champselect ruined ranked so hard. Last game again i'm thrown into three premades against three premades ofc and i'm not getting the good one. I can barely play my lane every min some enemy premade guy (either rengar or poppy for those who watch my match history) showed up at my lane and once i engage there's already someone there. It's just not fair to be thrown into a game as a solo guy into an enemy team in charge of the most important lanes, u simply can't keep up with their communication and here is the problem. Either i get facerolled by enemy premades or i have some solo guy who is actually silver but already in mid-high gold elo because he won the last few games with his premades and now plays one game solo and ofc he loses hard, without his premades supporting him he can't handle this elo (yeye gold is trash blabla but let me tell you there IS a difference between high/mid gold and silver, preseason i was already plat 4 so i know some differences between several divisions/tiers). Or i have some gold 3 who is premade with some silver 3, look my last Zed (the 6/6/5 one) and Ahri game, both silver jungler died 13 and 14 times and u can't just do anything, the enemy is so far ahead and i'm not master tier who just facerolls that's not how ranked should be. This NCS promotes worse player and ruins solo players MMR. Even if my MMR is according to several sites pretty average for my division i sometimes lose 22lp because i lost against silvers (yeah thanks 4 men premade team) and i really demand some statement from riot already when or IF SOLOQ will ever be released, otherwise i have to quit LoL there is just no fun anymore and i'm not even starting about premades insulting me during champselect and trying to force me into roles i haven't chosen. TL;DR: I really demand a statement from riot for SOLOQ since it's two months already and they haven't mentioned it a single time. Even champs are promoted half a year before release (yeah exaggerating here). Pretty much fed up by the imbalances this new system causes. Now flame and downvote me how bad i am and how i don'T deserve to get back higher (even though i was platin already a few times, just never at the end of the season.) despite the fact that the NCS IS bad and causes high imbalances.

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